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Sep 11, 2003 — Well, I'm not American but I do remember well this day two years ago.

I was working at my dad's when through the internet I get the news about it. I run up to my apt to see it on TV. I never went back to work that day. It was 2:46 pm and I stayed in front of the TV until late night.

As some of you may know, I basically lived in the US for 5 years of my life and the news hit me pretty hard even though I'm not American.

I just wanted to post something to remember that day and to remember all of the people who died helping others.

Just one final work "F*** Osama Bin Laden and F*** Saddam Hussein!"

rnewhouse says:

Thanks for the post and reminder, Baggy.

I am on the West Coast and a friend called me, waking me up at 7:00am to ask "are you watching the news right now??!?!" which of course I was not.

I turned on the TV and saw pictures of New York and Washington in flames. I actually had to do that thing you do when you are pretty sure you are stuck in a dream and you have to poke your mind to see what condition of reality you are in. It was very disorienting.

I was glued to the TV and computer all day, running through all the possible ranges of disbelief, sorrow, astonishment, fear, anger, etc.

One of the most memorable images from that day was a simulation some station showed of all the airlines in the sky at the moment the towers were hit, then the progression of each of the planes landing until -- like ten minutes later! -- there were no aircraft over the US at all. I felt profound admiration for the air traffic controllers who could make that happen.

At about 2:30 that afternoon, my 9-year-old daughter, who I homeschool, looked up from the TV we'd been watching all day and asked, "Isn't it time for us to work on history and current events now?"

And that gave me a whole new perspective.

lidge_34 says:

The night before, Michael Jordan had announced his return to the NBA, and I figured that would be the topic of choice at the breakfast table. Needless to say, it wasn't mentioned once.

DataBind() says:

I was driving to Course when it had happened -- it was the very beginning when nobody knew what was going on, before the second plane, when they thought it might have been an accident.

I wasn't really all that surprised, for some reason.

Wirehead says:

On that day when I was driving to lunch from the Church in Tampa, I was listening to the radio. It was about 11:30 in the morning and the first tower was falling as I listened. I was less than 2 miles from the Tampa Airport and there was nothing in the sky, and practically no traffic on the streets - it was surreally quiet. What traffic there was often consisted of military convoys of Humvees and actual armored personnel carriers roaming the streets of Tampa. Remember that MacDill AFB is the home of the Navy SEALS, Delta Force, SOCOM, and the vast majority of senior military brass - it's the #1 nuclear target in the US outside of Washington, D.C.. This certainly added to the palpable tension in the air as no one knew what was happening - no one knew if this was a hostile act by another nation or if it was terrorism taken to a new scale. After the first tower fell and before the second one, I ran into Boston Market where every employee was standing in awe and fear, staring open-mouthed at the TV monitor in the corner displaying the destruction of an American icon. It took me several minutes to even remember I was standing in line, as the second tower began to fall. Small forms could be seen falling through the air from hundreds of feet up. We all knew what they were...someone faced with a choice of death by fire or by falling. I'd have done the same.

It was at this point that a symbol of what is wrong with America entered the building. She was about 6 feet tall, blonde, and very good looking, and had just driven up in a BMW X5 SUV. She walked into the deathly silence of a crowded restaurant with no one speaking - the creaking of the toaster's conveyor belt could be clearly heard in the background - and demanded to know why the malls were closed, since "...that's happening way up in New York! Why would they close the malls HERE?".

That's probably the closest I've ever come to attempted murder.

DataBind() says:

That is the type of woman that we should airdrop into Iraq and Afganistan.

I think that it might be outlawed by the Geneva Convention because it's unfairly cruel to the enemy.

Dylan says:

[link http://www.mboffin.com/tragedy.asp]The homepage of MBoffin.com from September 11, 2001.[/link]

dcormier says:

++, Dylan.

I remember that day. I was at work. I was systems and network admin at a company that verified orders over the phone for telemarketing companies (in some states that's required by law to avoid fraud).

We quickly started getting reports from the telemarketers at our client companies. At that point I checked it out the reports we were getting via word-of-mouth was that a plane accidently hit the first tower. I was thinking it was a small, personal aircraft or something.

I tried hitting the major news sites but the were extrememly slow in the rare instance that I could reach them at all. I turned on the radio and started getting reports that way. I think I tuned in before the plane had hit the Pentigon, but I'm not sure now.

I remember that we had a National Guardsman at the office (or maybe he was in the Reserve, I can't remember at the moment, too tired). I kept giving him updates as I heard them. His group was activiated before noon and he had to leave.

I also remember the confusion in the media in the rush to get the stories out without verifying their data. Different stations and sites would say different things. Made it difficult to know what was actually going on.

Wirehead, remember that MacDill is also home of [link http://www.centcom.mil/]CentCom[/link], the center for opperation in the middle east, which also would make it a big target from groups over there.

DataBind() says:

I read that Israel is going to expel Arafat. About fucking time they got rid of vermin like him.

Maybe we should lend Israel a couple of MOABs.

Wirehead says:

I apologize in advance. [link http://www.boners.com/grub/789408.html]I couldn't stop myself.[/link]

Warning: If you don't like repulsive things, don't click that.

Dylan says:

Hey! They have a [link http://www.boners.com/grub/788919.html]photo[/link] [i]THAT I TOOK[/i] on their site! Kaellagh and I were in Chicago and stopped at a Radio Shack and I saw it, so I had to take a picture. I originally sent it in to Shugashack as the image of the day. Thank you very much, [link http://www.mboffin.com/downloads/pics/photos/Solar_Powered_Flashlight.jpg]the original[/link] resides on this site.

And this site has [link http://www.bluealien.org/images/coolpics/cdkey.jpg]another image[/link] that [link http://www.mboffin.com/downloads/pics/photoshop%20work/Quake3_CD_key.jpg]I created[/link]. Of course, this one made it all over the Internet in a matter of weeks. I still gets hits from people looking for it.

(Sorry, got off-topic.)

Hive says:

Lol, i remember the day you made that dylan. Good stuff.

Anyways, back on topic. That day I was woken up by idiots screaming at the top of their lungs running through the halls of my dorm yelling "WE'RE GOING TO WAR, YAY, WE'RE GOING TO WAR, ALL GONNA DIE!" needless to say, that's the closest [i]I've[/i] come to murder. My mom, who lives about 30mins from NYC and the towers didn't want to wake me up for the news (isn't she considerate). What's really scary though was just sitting there, realizing that only a few months prior to that, I made choice to attend arizona state university, instead of take a job with morgan stanley dean and witter......for those of you that don't know, morgan stanley moved their offices to the WTC a few weeks prior to 9/11. Then, when I was home for thanksgiving I saw the aftermath first hand.....friends and family members had lost parents, uncles, brothers, in my town alone, something like 37 people died that day. I personally knew 3 of them.

Unfortunately our generation now has their own "i remember where i was when that happened" story. JFK....Challenger.....WTC. Hopefully our kids will be the first generation that doesn't have one of those stories....

lidge_34 says:

What I remember most was that it was my very first day in the office I work in now, alongside Mboffin. What an anniversary, eh? I can't say I did much work that first day.

From a different viewpoint on this subject, I remember having mixed feelings about sports, and how they were affected by this whole event. Originally, (and as a diehard sports junkie) I was very opposed to the sporting events being cancelled. I felt that they needed to go on for two basic reasons: 1) All the news was covering 24/7 was the attack, and we needed something to turn our attention to brighter news; 2) I felt that it was as if we were giving in to the idea that these terrorists had alterred our lives. My viewpoint was changed when I had the realization that I was wrongly viewing the athletes themselves as non-human robots (some people may still make that arguement, but that's swaying off-topic). I remember reading interviews with football players in Miami who said they were terrified every time a plane flew over their practice field. Or how one of the New England Patriots players had a brother in the NYFD--I can't remember if he was a victim or not. But the point was, while I still wanted the games to go on, I understood why they didn't. AND, once they did go on, I felt there were some amazing tributes done at the games, by the players and fans.

Which brings up one more topic--the 24/7 news coverage of the events. This is another interesting subject, and maybe even one to have in it's own thread. Should the news organizations on TV have covered the event as they did--24/7 with no commercial breaks? I think it comes down to what their motivations were. On the one hand, there is the monetary/ratings game. Obviously they were all losing money in the short-term, but it was good ratings, and to be able to say things like "The most watched coverage" or "The most complete coverage of 9/11", etc, etc. Or there could be the theory that if they put something else on, they would be making less of the whole trajedy. And maybe you guys have ideas on others. I personally believe it's the first one.

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