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Sep 10, 2003 — Ok, I got the inspiration for this post... a little quiz time... a few questions about Metallica, let's see who answers correctly. Who was the very first bass player? (If you think of Cliff, you're wrong. I mean the very first.) With what band Robert Trujillo played before coming to Metallica? And who is playing now with that band? Ok, this is enough to start off... please feel free to add questions...

DataBind() says:

Wasn't Robert Trujillo with Suicidal Tendancies? Was this was his last band before Metallica?

I can't remember the first bass player's name -- I remember seeing him on a VH1 behind the music show. Wasn't it Rodney or something?

Wirehead says:

How 'bout the first vocalist? It wasn't Hetfield.

lidge_34 says:

Trujilo was in Suicidal Tendancies and then with Ozzy before coming to Metallica. Newstead is the bassist for Ozzy now. Kind of funny, eh?

Ron McGovney was the first bassist. I don't know what you're smoking, regarding Hetfield not being the first vocalist. He and Lars were the original founders of the band.

Next question: Who was the first lead guitarist? He played on just the original recording of Hit the Lights.

DataBind() says:

It wasn't Dave Mustaine was it?

lidge_34 says:

Nope. He was the second one.

Baggy says:

It was Dave Mustaine because I have the "No Life 'Till Leather" demo tape and you can hear him sing on Hit The Lights. Plus I have the Metal Massacre vol. 1(the first Metallica appearance) and Dave Mustaine is on it too.

Rob Trujillo played for Ozzy last and now Newsted plays for Ozzy.

Hetfield was the first and only vocalist.

That's right, Ron McGovney was the first bass player...

What was the first video of Metallica? (this is too easy)

lidge_34 says:

You may be right. I was reading a [link http://www.artistwd.com/joyzine/music/metallica/history.htm]history of the band[/link], and it says that a guy named Lloyd Grant played on the original recording of the song. Then again, I can't say that I have any demo tapes or anything like that.

The first video is easy--"One".

Wirehead says:

Ack. I had to revise this post when I realized I posted the wrong question originally. Mustaine WAS the first lead guitarist, not the first vocalist. Ack.

(Hangs head in shame).

This is further confused in my mind by the fact that very early in the band's history, Hetfield actually SOUNDED a hell of a lot like Mustaine when he started singing for Megadeth later on...sort of nasal or something. Anyone who's listened to both bands knows what I'm talking about. Apparently Hetfield grew out of this or something...Mustaine never did.

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