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The Passion

Apr 9, 2004 — Did anyone see this movie? Well, last night I did. I'm not catholic so I believe I saw it with a different point of view, but I have to say that it's a really good movie but a tad little to crude.

I think the actors are good and I love the thing that it's done in the original language that they spoke at that time.

I couldn't stand the scenes where you see them putting Jesus on the cross. That's really crude and painful.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my opinion on this movie which is really been talked about here in Europe, I don't know in the US... Here people either love it or hate it. I liked it.

vampirical says:

I haven't seen it yet but only because I haven't been to the theater much recently, having only been two times in as many months. I'm actually looking forward to seeing it, with the exception of the more violent scenes. I haven't decided how needed they in the movie but by all accounts they are rather "crude and painful" (seems to sum it up very nicely). From the clips I've seen the use of languages is pretty interesting and lends to the mood.

lidge_34 says:

I have NO INTEREST in seeing that movie. We get bombarded with enough Christianity in the media as it is. Note that within the past couple weeks, ABC has run a primetime news show on the early history of Christianity as well as Ten Commandments. How often are their TV movies called "Jesus", etc? Meanwhile, I can't speak for other areas of the country, but pretty much any local newscast I watch (which is very few, I should add) is heavily slanted in that direction. I don't have a problem with this type of stuff except that it gets shoved down our throats on a daily basis, and a large percentage of the people are not Christians.

All that said, did you guys see the recent South Park episode, "The Passion of the Jew"?

rnewhouse says:

I didn't care for it much, myself.

As a technical work, it is really spectacular. The camerawork, costuming, use of languages, etc., are right up there.

But I was entirely unmoved by any aspect of it.

I'm not Christian, and thus could argue that the message of the movie was lost on me for that reason, but I went to see it with some very religious Christians, who felt similarly to me.

The "Passion" has some history to it. In Germany, there is a tradition of reenacting "The Passion" every year at Eastertime. In this context, "Passion" means "suffering" -- and "The Passion" is a religious ritual that commemorates the suffering of Jesus in his final days. The twelve stations of the cross are represented, and you see those same scenes in the movie.

So the whole movie is basically a religious ritual and statement, not a story or entertainment piece as we are used to expecting from cinema. I imagine that if you are a devout Christian, and you go to see it in that context, you will get something different out of it.

The blood-and-gore part is very graphic and very pervasive in the movie; in fact, if you consider it as a religious exercise, it really is the whole point of the movie, but not in a gratuitous way. If you pull it out, you have approximately 37 seconds of screen time left.

DataBind() says:

Reminds me of a quote:

Jesus was a Jew, yes, but only on his mother's side
--Archie Bunker

Jackson says:

When the movie came out I worked at an insurance company and I couldn't believe the response to the movie among the staff there. One co-worker said both he and his wife cried through the whole thing and absolutely loved it. My unit manager said that it was deeply touching. Others said it left them in awe and made them feel honored and loved.

It was odd - I didn't realize my fellow adjusters were quite so religious.

Baggy says:

Well, I'm not christian either, but I went to see it to see about a story that did happened. A story about a man who called himself the son of God. God that everyone believe in at that time.

I thought it was a really well done movie. All of the sequences about the story were followed correctly. Mel did a good job and Jim Caviezel did a really good job too.

It's true that it created a lot of crying and stuff like that. My gf cried the whole movie, but I can understand because that's what they believe in.

The Passion of Christ are the last 12 hours before dying on the cross. It's in Easter because Easter is supposed to be the day when Christ came back to life. Hell, I'm not Christian but I know all this.

Anyway, I would have a lot to say but I better stick to this.

Doofman says:

In reference to both lidge and Databind's quotes, I've had an idea for a pop-culture type essay for quite awhile: Compare and Contrast, in the context of modern entertainment, the characters of Archie Bunker and Eric Cartman.

I think that it is a really interesting parallel, with both characters being used as whipping boys for the bigotted, idiotic views of many people. Both characters are simultaneously hilarious and disturbing, but never quite believable as real people.

Of course, South Park uses Cartman for many other ridiculous things, that have nothing to do with making a point (the Vietnamese prostitute riding the bull comes to mind), but most of the time, I think that the similarities between the characters are quite interesting.

Just my two cents on a topic that isn't what this started as.

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