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Feb 3, 2004 — This guy is f***in' insane.....

check [link http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/Midwest/02/01/offbeat.baby.version2.0.ap/]this[/link] out and don't tell me that they are a good family...

I don't even understand why a person would call his son with his same name plus the junior suffix...

That's f***ed up and these people are just ego-maniacs... I'm sorry but they are.

the ego-f***ers... that's a good band name

DataBind() says:

That was pretty good -- were you frothing at the mouth when you wrote that? Or twitching?

Aesopian says:

Nothing beats [link http://www.biggeorge.com/familyman/familyman.htm]the George Foremans.[/link]

rnewhouse says:

Now that's just wrong.

DataBind() says:

Seriously. They should just be BURNED! BURN 'EM! BURN 'EM!

How totally unforgivable. Bunch of ego-maniacs. Clearly, they cannot be a good, loving family.

Wirehead says:

Jesus, TEN kids? Is he trying to start a country?

lidge_34 says:

A few years ago, a couple in Texas [link http://www.caller2.com/2001/april/04/today/localspo/22172.html]named their son Espn[/link], since the dad watched so much sports on ESPN. That is by far the worst! Can you imagine being a kid with that name? Especially if he ends up being a geek. Talk about setting your son up to be teased! God damn!

rnewhouse says:

Does anyone remember Homer Simpson's musings (shown in flashback) about what to name his new son? "Uhhh... 'Bart!' That doesn't rhyme with anything embarrassing!"

DataBind() says:

[quote]Usually, people think it's an OK name, until they see how we spell it and figure everything out. If I just say Espn (pronounced Es-pen), they don't catch on. When I say, 'We spell it E-S-P-N,' that's when everyone says 'Oh my gosh, how could you do that to your kid?'

lidge_34 says:


There was a college basketball player at Providence a few years back named [link http://www.basketballreference.com/players/playerpage.htm?ilkid=SHAMMGO01]God Shammgod[/link].

jpwain says:

[quote]Nothing beats the George Foremans.[/quote]

Wouldn't that be the [i]Georges Foreman[/i]?

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