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is MillWeed down???

Jan 9, 2004 — Hey, what happened to the Millweed site???

Is it gone? or restyling?

Does anyone know? Where's Lyrical Warfare???

Dylan says:

Millweed finally achieved Nirvana in the field of no-content. The site has moved on to the next plane of existence.

lyrical warfare says:

Millweed is just stupid.

And Baggy, why do I keep getting these requests like every day from you to add me to your contact list? I've authorized you like 30 times by now.

jpwain says:

The next logical step after No Content is of course No Site, so we'll be enforcing that policy shortly.

Baggy says:

Yo, dude, I ain't sending any requests and I ain't getting any autorization from you, so I guess it's going in automatic....


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