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The Passion

Apr 9, 2004 / 7 Replies Did anyone see this movie? Well, last night I did. I'm not catholic so I believe I saw it with a different point of view, but I have to say that it's a really good movie but a tad little to crude.

I think the actors are good and I love the thing that it's done in the original language that they spoke at that time.

I couldn't stand the scenes where you see them putting Jesus on the cross. That's really crude and painful.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my opinion on this movie which is really been talked about here in Europe, I don't know in the US... Here people either love it or hate it. I liked it.

Insanity exists!!!

Feb 3, 2004 / 10 Replies This guy is f***in' insane.....

check [link http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/Midwest/02/01/offbeat.baby.version2.0.ap/]this[/link] out and don't tell me that they are a good family...

I don't even understand why a person would call his son with his same name plus the junior suffix...

That's f***ed up and these people are just ego-maniacs... I'm sorry but they are.

the ego-f***ers... that's a good band name

is MillWeed down???

Jan 9, 2004 / 4 Replies Hey, what happened to the Millweed site???

Is it gone? or restyling?

Does anyone know? Where's Lyrical Warfare???


Nov 17, 2003 / 1 Reply When I was a kid, I used to play a lot with LEGO. Right now I'm 26 and I haven't lost the passion for LEGO.

If you are, like me, a real LEGO fan, go [link http://user.tninet.se/~hbh828t/proglego.htm]here[/link]. It's a program called BlockCAD. It's a CAD program, but very very fun.

Have fun!

Very Very Pulp!

Oct 22, 2003 / 0 Replies Yesterday night I went to watch Pulp Fiction again at the theather.

Soon "Kill Bill: Volume One" will come out so at this theather they are giving almost all of the Quentin Tarantino movies. The only one missing is "Reservoir Dogs" which I love.

So yesterday I went to see "Pulp Fiction", my favorite movie of all time. Man, I had fun watching it.

I remember almost all of the movie, except a few parts here and there. I love Mr. Wolf.

Well, just wanted to let you know about this because even after all of these years, I really enjoyed the movie again. Still my best favorite movie.


Sep 11, 2003 / 12 Replies Well, I'm not American but I do remember well this day two years ago.

I was working at my dad's when through the internet I get the news about it. I run up to my apt to see it on TV. I never went back to work that day. It was 2:46 pm and I stayed in front of the TV until late night.

As some of you may know, I basically lived in the US for 5 years of my life and the news hit me pretty hard even though I'm not American.

I just wanted to post something to remember that day and to remember all of the people who died helping others.

Just one final work "F*** Osama Bin Laden and F*** Saddam Hussein!"


Sep 10, 2003 / 8 Replies Ok, I got the inspiration for this post... a little quiz time... a few questions about Metallica, let's see who answers correctly. Who was the very first bass player? (If you think of Cliff, you're wrong. I mean the very first.) With what band Robert Trujillo played before coming to Metallica? And who is playing now with that band? Ok, this is enough to start off... please feel free to add questions...

Soccer game lovers

Aug 28, 2003 / 1 Reply This is to all you soccer game lovers... [link http://www.robertobaggio.com/games/index.asp]Here[/link] you can find a nice little game. I've become addicted to it right the first minute I tried it. Give it a try.

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Jul 11, 2003 / 4 Replies This is funny! Through the search engine [b]Google.it[/b] I tried to search for "[i]weapons of mass destruction[/i]" and clicked on the "[b][i]I fee lucky![/i][/b]" button. What came out is [link url:http://www.coxar.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/]this funky error page[/link]. Try it! I don't guarantee that it will work on the .com version of Google, but it should.